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When your vehicle is stolen, Boomerang by LoJack helps get it back — fast. A Boomerang system hidden in your vehicle helps the police track and recover it, often within a few hours.

Thieves can't find it. Thick walls can't stop it. When it comes to recovering your stolen vehicle, nothing works as well as Boomerang by LoJack.


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Geotab is an end-to-end developer of both the devices that are installed in your vehicles as well as the software that you use to report activity. Geotab is uniquely positioned to provide a solution that is driven to respond to your objectives. With Fortune 500 companies as customers, Geotab continues to drive innovation with value across your company. It is our focus and capabilities to deliver customer-driven solutions that sets Geotab apart as a business solution provider that enables your growth as well as expense reduction. Geotab has been providing solutions that combine GPS technology for business users over 10 years. With flexible choices, Geotab provides the most universal base vehicle platform and scaleable software in the industry. Geotab takes the risk out of your decision and enables you to focus on your needs.

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Focusing on mileage and the effectiveness of trips will reap benefits in fuel reduction

Accurate Milage Reporting
Driving Time and Distance

Automatic call log reporting, proof of activity, pay for miles driven, IFTA, IRP or fuel rebates.




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